Ricky Kasmir: Lead Vocals / Bass Guitar
Being a full time musician for over 20 years, Ricky has the experience and knowledge necessary to rock any audience through the musical journey of i69. Ricky’s dynamic vocal range and rock-solid bass playing gives him the dual ability to captivate not only your attention but, heart and soul. Moving to Colorado in the late 80’s, he fired up the regional recording act “Electric Playground”. Ricky continued his performing career in such bands as “The Litter” (a national recording act out of Minneapolis, Minnesota), Denver based “Vendetta” and most recently, the most popular band in Northern Colorado, “69 Times.” Ricky’s passion for music and love for rock-n-roll makes him the perfect front man for i69.
Greg Koch: Drums / Vocals
Energy is the key word for i69’s blonde rocker and the best place to find this drumming dynamo is behind his set of Tama drums. Mr. Koch (pronounced “Cook”) attacks his drum kit hard and fast, much in the tradition of the late, great, John Bonham of Led Zeppelin. Greg’s powerhouse drumming style provides a rock solid foundation to groove on, get up and even move to. While his drumstick tricks and excellent stage presence makes him exciting to watch, Greg also contributes his share of vocal harmony and occasional lead vocals. You could say that Greg provides the fun-loving zaniness necessary for a rockin’ band like i69.
Jimmy Dupre’: Guitar / Vocals
This guitar virtuoso has been burning on guitar since age 13. Holding down most of the lead guitar duties for i69, Jimmy describes himself as a dedicated musician, but his peer’s consider him a musical artist. From a family full of musicians, Jimmy has been making music ever since he can remember. With influences such as Hendrix, Page, and Rhoads, to Chet Atkins, Eric Johnson and Stevie Ray Vaughan, he has embraced the importance of tone, technique and most importantly feel. As a guitar teacher by trade, Jimmy enjoys giving back to the craft that has paved his way. He gets off playing for live audiences, and his calm, cool stage charisma secures the deal.
Jeff Banach: Guitar / Keyboards / Vocals
Jeff Banach is the perfect compliment to embrace the diverse styles of i69. Fondly nicknamed “The Mechanic”, Jeff adds the triple threat of not only being an established guitarist, and keyboardist, but the band’s powerful second lead vocalist. His sensibility and creative approach to each song is a key element in affording i69 the range of material shared with the audience. A seasoned veteran of some of Denver’s top bands, Jeff still feels, “It’s all about the music, a good time, and getting people pumped up during the show.”

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